Think about this honestly.

Is there one thing that keeps on holding you back to start training your voice? 

It can be almost embarrassing for some of us to hear our own voice - and deep down we’re simply uncomfortable with how we sound. We know our voice could be so much better than it is right now… right?

Online Singing lessons

You wouldn’t wear my clothes, and I wouldn’t sing with your voice!!

Number one common ‘move’ is to research how everyone else sings - or watch endless How-To videos and COPY what other singers do. Despite all this time, nothing much changes. Frustration builds up when things don’t work. You might give up, or worse - cause vocal damage.

Then you realise...  Singing is not one size fits all. It can be tricky to find an inspirational expert vocal coach who can transform your voice in half the time of others - and keep your voice safe and healthy. Copying others will NOT simply make things just switch on for you.

There are SO many reasons to learn to SING!  What are yours?

Maybe you want to rekindle an old hobby, get results in auditions or exams - sing better at school, in a band or choir, onstage in a show or opera- or simply explore your vocal potential....

  • it makes you HAPPY and JOYFUL
  • gain confidence performing onstage
  • communicate with charisma and confidence
  • discover untold health benefits and breath control as your lung capacity increases
  • forge new pathways in your brain and feel smarter
  • light up your creativity and life-force
  • develop your musical ear, rhythm, musicality and memory
  • open windows of opportunity and make friends for life

We couldn’t be more proud of our students. Many have won scholarships and eisteddfods, been applauded in roles onstage and excelled in exams and at school.  Whether you’re looking for excellence, confidence and results or simply wish to sing for pleasure, at StandOut you will learn to sing correctly and build a solid technique. You will develop musical and performance skills, and ignite your passion for singing.

For years we have been sought after to bring the best out in high-level musical performance. You too can release colour and emotion into your singing that will empower you not just as a great singer but as a great musician. When you know how to do this technically, you can apply it to everything and be FREE to express the heart of your song. This is where the magic really happens.


 What truly sets us apart at StandOut is the expertise, experience, creativity and care that our teachers lavish on our students, the quality and effectiveness of our training methods and systems that transform knowledge into action.

Learn to Sing

So how do we make your progress smooth, hassle-free and FUN - and get successful results?

  1. We have the ability to see where your talent can lead you,
  2. identify and fix obstacles holding you back,
  3. then give you the skills to reach your dream goals.

Learning to Sing 'Badly' Steals JOY...

Our team of vocal experts are here to help you achieve your singing dreams. We teach all ages and levels - from absolute beginners to advanced learners and professionals, all styles from classical to pop and music theatre, and will build your voice to last.

OUTSTANDING Singing Teachers

If you want Confidence to the MAX, learn to Sing CORRECTLY!

You have one voice for life, and we know how important it is to protect and nurture it - especially for young singers. Our StandOut Vocal Coaches know exactly how to take care of your precious vocal instrument, and will teach you every aspect of how to sing correctly, safely and beautifully. Every one of our Singing Teachers are highly experienced, qualified, creative and successful professionals with a combined track record of excellence and results well over 30 years.

Above all, you will feel so welcomed and at home at our Studio. Sure - you will probably have a few nerves at our first meeting, but these dissolve in moments as we start singing. You'll start making a joyful noise from day one.

It is our absolute JOY to develop your full singing potential
  • Learn to sing correctly with the EXPERTS
    • Gain super CONFIDENCE in understanding, knowledge and practical skill
    • Performance Specialists
  • Structure for your SUCCESS
    • Progressive and Strategic Learning PLATFORMS for acceleration 
    • Accelerate at your best speed in a logical learning sequence
    • Motivational STAR Calendar of Events•
    • Access to all Studio Resources and Events
  • Nurturing, SUPPORTIVE community
    • Make FRIENDS and have so much FUN that you won’t stop smiling for a week
    • Care and support from teachers passionate about your voice
 STRATEGIC CALENDAR of EVENTS Helps You Reach Your Goals

Singing Lessons for Kids PREPARATION IS KEY to help you

    • perform with confidence
    • reach your dream goals and get results
    • overcome nerves
    • rise up to the next levels with ease

For some challenge you can take part in Workshops, Exams and Eisteddfods - or share the fun of social events like Sing For Your Supper, Studio Concerts and Showcase Productions, where parents, grandparents, friends and families all come together with food, great music and celebration.


See INCREDIBLE Progress After Just A Few Lessons
Learn how to:
  • promote fantastic posture and alignment so your voice just pours out freely
  • safely strengthen and add vocal power and stamina
  • extend vocal range [without strain or damage]
  • improve tone for a more professional edge
  • sing in tune and blend in harmony
  • smooth out breaks and transition between vocal registers
  • forget nerves and make your performance sizzle
  • keep your voice healthy and frustration free
  • improve breath capacity, control and support
  • warm ups and voice-builder exercises for flexibility and sparkle
  • improve musical and aural skills [a BIG win for confidence in music at school…]
  • trouble-shooting what NOT to do…
  • check out the “5 Biggest Mistakes Made By Beginner Singers” [MAYBE A LINK?]
  • understanding diction and vocal projection
  • text and vowels- an introduction to vocal styles exploring multiple genres
  • microphone, recording and memory techniques
SO - Want to bring out YOUR best confident voice?

If you are after top quality Singing Lessons in Sydney, want to Learn to Sing Online, our experienced expert singing teachers and coaches can’t wait to meet you. We have helped hundreds of budding singers of all ages discover their untapped potential. You can too!


  • In Person in the Studio
    • 1- Small Group and Individual Lessons
  • Online
    • 2 Singing Lessons Online
    • 3 Online Courses
      • Mini-Courses
      • 10 Week Intensives
  • Flexible Options
    •  4 Mentoring Intensive
    • Learn to Sing Classes For Kids and Beginners
    • All Ages, Styles and Levels 
    • 30, 45 and 60 minutes
Small Groups

Small groups are a fun and effective and cost-effective way to start - especially for young singers. There is real excitement and BUZZ around these classes. You learn by watching and interacting with friends and start singing in harmony and parts.

Group classes range in size from 2 to 7 singers, We supply all the music and backing tracks you need to practice at home so you really grasp the concepts you’ve learned.

Private One-On-One Singing Lessons

If you're more advanced or would love individual attention, Private Singing Lessons are the way to go with focus just on YOU for the entire lesson. We know how important it is to be consistent to improve and gain confidence, so lessons are booked weekly following the school terms. One-off lessons are also available on application. Flexible arrangements can also be made on application, like the home-schoolers option to take online singing lessons and come in person once a month.

Singing lessons 


MINI-COURSES are a convenient fast-track resource for singers. Most have 7 short focused modules, focusing on one skill at a time.

Seven Day Vocal WorkOut

it's like going to the gym for your voice

Our students have had unbelievable success using these exercises and strategies, and it can be done in just a week. You'll learn unique exercises, designed to build skill, strength and confidence exponentially. There are specific warmups too - great to keep your voice on track and perfect to warm you up just the right amount so you’re ready to give your best performance. Don’t miss it.


StandOut Intensives Spark Singing Potential right off the Planet

Over the past 5 years, we’ve analysed, summarised and organised our experiences and knowledge into your comprehensive singing tool-box  - full of the bits that really help you get results. There are special courses just for Children, and another for Teens and Adults.

Intensive Courses are built over 8 Progressive Learning Levels from 1-8. Each level is 10 weeks long. We recommend that beginners start at Level One. Intermediate and Advanced Singers can apply for our Refresher Options.



VOICE BUILDER is our series of 10 week online singing courses especially for youth and adults.

From body posture to mindset, breath, performance protocol and musical style, you will always relate what you learn to the practical side of singing, with realistic positive challenges to build your confidence along the way. You will progressively improve your breath capacity, tone and musical ear, and develop the technique to perform with ease, control and freedom.

Foundations is Adult Level One - great for beginners who want to ignite potential or as a refresher for more experienced singer. You will feel your voice developing correctly and you'll learn skills that can set you apart as a better singer, musician and performer.

  • supercharge your creativity and confidence
  • gain access to top quality coaches
  • get all the resources you need here in one place
  • stay on track systems
  • STAR Learning Platforms structured for
    • progressive acceleration 
    • build skill and sound
    • develop performance confidence
  • with the convenience of affordable lessons anywhere, anytime, 24/7
  • Optional Upgrades
    • add weekly Mastercass
    • add-on private lessons

SUPERSINGER-KIDS is for Kids who can’t stop singing. Welcome to the super COOL Online Singing Bootcamp that makes top-quality singing tuition for children accessible, affordable and convenient.

Let’s face it - kids are natural singers with amazing free voices. Singing is their creative outlet - a circuit break to study and screen, and it simply makes them super confident and happy. We love to nurture the talent of children and help to hone their wonderful natural voices.

They will learn the same basic concepts as in our Youth/ Adult Courses, but specially designed for children's voices. In 10 weeks online they will meet their wonderful STAR Vocal Coaches and have so much FUN in their weekly singing modules. Mums, dads and carers are completely in the loop - watching their kids beam with joy, sounding incredible.

We keep everything SIMPLE. Your kids will build vocal foundations singing music they love and catch a glimpse of exciting possibilities they can create. Imagine your pride and joy watching your child SHINE with confidence, BEAM with happiness and GLOW with excitement - singing in the spotlight!


ELITE MENTOR is the DELUXE GOLD Program in the StandOut Suite of courses.

Inside is EVERYTHING - all of the “Online Intensive Courses” PLUS hands-on private mentoring.
Places are limited so this is course is by application only, so please get in touch if you're interested.


Lessons range  from $25 to $65 [+GST] for half hour lessons, while courses are an incredibly convenient and affordable option.


It is our aim to provide you the most outstanding service and support. Your lesson may be as short as 30 minutes, however we are constantly meeting and considering ways we can enrich your musical learning experience. StandOut Students have free access to the learning portal, to the resources and events of the Studio, and can always message us for directly for support.


Start Singing

I can tell you that singing has brought so much joy to my life - and you can discoverthis too. We believe in Your Unlimited Potential, and will inspire you to bring out your confident best voice. The only regret we ever really hear from ourstudents is that they didn’t start sooner - so don’t put it off!

The most important thing to do is simply to START!  This can be a little scary - like taking a step into the unknown - but it is a step forward, and we will be right by your side to encourage and inspire you every step of the way.


Short trial lessons are a perfect way to begin. They last 15-20 minutes, and give you get an evaluation of ‘where you are today’ - your potential, how you can improve, and how we’d go about helping you achieve all of your goals.  Book Here 

We’d love to chat or help you get started either with a trial lesson or online. Can’t wait to meet you!