Why Learn to Play the Piano?

It’s so tempting to say it out loud… but the piano really has to be the perfect instrument to learn if you want to

  • understand how music works
  • develop your musical ear
  • become a master of rhythm
  • learn to read music in both treble and bass clef
  • switch UP your memory
  • develop pathways in your brain that are too complex to even imagine….
It's the most CREATIVE FUN on the planet...
The BENEFITS are Endless!

Little girl sits in piano

Yes - you can impress friends and teachers with your creative talent, but you will encounter exciting new dimensions you never knew existed.

Your fingers and hands start talking to your brain. You might look in disbelief as one hand goes one way and the other in the opposite direction.

You'll juggle multiple concepts in your mind all at once, catch yourself smiling - and other times rise to challenges when co-ordination just doesn’t work - then conquer the mountain and laugh out loud!

Then comes a moment when you can actually play a piece of music...

Picture the moment.. You have build some technical skill, and things are working at a reasonable speed.

Now the magic happens... 

The musical expression inside you begins to take over and have a life of its own. On top of this, you’ll find your musical memory switch ON as the music leaps creatively off the page and becomes servant to your interpretation.

The piano opens up a magical world of creativity and expression


Learn Piano SmallWhatever styles you love most, whatever your age or size, the piano loves you just the same.

You can play a melody and an accompaniment simultaneously on this percussion instrument - very cool. The range is amazing on an 88 key piano from the tessitura of the low A in the bass, passing through 8 C’s in the creamy sonority of the middle register, up to highest C in the extreme“Tinkerbell’ upper range, over 52 white and 36 black keys!

I’ve taught piano over decades, and it is one of the most effective ways I know to teach and impart rhythm. I promise we will definitely teach you how to subdivide the beat. One hand may play 4 notes against one of the other - or imagine how it feels to play 3 notes with your right hand while playing 4 with your left. Crazy yes? just wait till you can do it!


There are many ways that piano is taught and ‘caught’. It’s a kinaesthetic game - the wholebody and mind are in play. This is why we have created a unique blend of teaching styles so that you can have the fullest and fastest learning experience.

unique blend of teaching styles

We combine traditional technical exercises learning scales and arpeggios, with other influences such as Suzuki, Kodaly and the Russian School. When you learn chords and structures you’ll stumble across those ‘ah-ha’ moments as you realise you’ve just composed your own song and accompaniment. You might recognise apiece you’re learning - and think - “I know this and now I can play it…”

START to Read Music From Above - The Big Picture

Adult Piano LessonsIn English we tend to read one letter at a time as we learn. C-A-T - cat. Other languages are pictorial - like the characters in Japanese for example. These are each loaded with meaning and information in one single symbol. When you learn the piano, it is so beneficial for your brain. You will learn to read music both horizontally [melody] and vertically [harmony] all at the same time - sort of like rub your tummy and pat your head times a hundred...

It’s also important that you learn strength though a relaxed but active body. You don’t have to slave over hand positions. You can do these immediately using simple movements you do every day with no bad tension. Same with posture…

We keep everything Super SIMPLE, and match your technical skill level with music of all styles, with just the right touch of challenge that works for you. This is where the mechanical meets the creative - just like a piano.

  • Learn to play piano in Sydney Studios
  • Take Online Piano Lessons in Sydney, or from wherever suits YOU
  • Individual and Small Group Lessons
  • All Ages, Styles and Levels
  • 30-45-60 mins

1-on-1 lessons are great as you’re actively playing for the entire lesson.

Groups are also effective when they are SMALL. You can learn by watching others for sure, and learning is reinforced as you interact with others. It’s also fun to make friends who love the piano like you.

At Standout we have a class size limit of 3 so that we can take proper care of every budding pianist. We also have multiple pianos and keyboards in some of our studios so we can play together and even discover the fun world of 4 hand piano duets. For group learning , we recommend you practice especially when you get back home - and the very next day - to reinforce the concepts you’ve learned.

In some schools, each desk has with a keyboard sitting on top, with students wearing headphones, instructed by the teacher. Not a bad way to get started, but teacher’s can’t correct everyones’ posture and hand position in a massive group. If you’re serious about learning correctly, small group or individual lessons are the way to go.

Who doesn’t love convenience?

So many students love the option to learn to play piano online. This has proved to be amazingly effective and has become incredibly popular. No travel time with simple scheduling makes learning simple.


We know how important it is to be consistent to improve and gain confidence, so lessons are booked WEEKLY following the school TERMS.

One-off lessons are also available on application. We can make a flexible arrangements for you as well on application.


Boy learns piano

Whatever your experience - from beginner to advanced levels, just start from where you are today. We recommend starting with 30 minute lessons, and then at the higher levels have the option to extend to 45 and 60 minute lessons.

Calendar of Events

We love to celebrate talent with friends and family in a positive nurturing environment. Studio Events range from Workshops, Masterclasses and Mock Exams to the FUN interaction of Sing For Your Supper, or Showcase Concerts and Soirees.

We're There To Support You

We’re constantly meeting and considering ways we can enrich every student’s musical learning experience.

StandOut Students have access to:

  • the learning portal, complete with
    •  login
    • lesson calendar,
    • access to all the resources of the Studio
      • backings - sheet music - lesson notes - updates
  • Studio Events
  • plus direct message to your teacher for support

If you have a concert or performance, we go out of our way to help you achieve success.You’ll often see us running between studios to help students warm up on their way to the stage, or drop them flowers to celebrate their wins.


Lessons start from just $30 [small group 30 minute lessons].

So - what are you waiting for?

Start this incredible adventure with piano today.

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