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Welcome to High-Level Intensive Training that Builds Excellence in Performance
in 10 weeks for Instrumentalists and Singers Online

Finding your place of command on the stage is surprisingly simple. Our 10 week exclusive member programs are designed to propel and transform your performance from studio to stage and drastically boost your results. Your confidence will soar as you celebrate your unique mode of expression and creativity, and take your audience on musical adventures far beyond their imagination.

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 Performance Makeover
30 Day Fast-Track
 Confidence and Results

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SPOTLIGHT Performance
10 WEEK Intensive  
 Singers - instrumentalists

singing performance


Transform Performance
Confidence Excellence

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High Level Mentoring
* Audition only - Limit  20

PERFORMANCE is a Skill that can be Learned

Did you know that the success of your performance is directly linked to your musical understanding and performance mindset?

Our exclusive member programs are designed to propel and transform your performance from studio to stage, double your confidence and drastically boost your results. As you rise through the 10 modules, there is a change that happens. You will develop inner strength that overflows and radiates into every area of your life.

Singer Performs On Stage

You won't believe the difference it makes when you spend a fraction of your time focusing on HOW TO PERFORM your music - not just learning ‘the notes'.

Finding your place of command on the stage is surprisingly simple…

You can set yourself apart from the next performer when you know HOW. Our expert performance coaches will help you unlock the keys to becoming accomplished onstage. Your confidence will soar as you add new dimensions to your performance, celebrate your unique mode of expression and creativity, and take your audience on musical adventures far beyond their imagination

Music Lessons Online

Game Changing!

√ Sharpen skill - Optimise practice time 
√ Convert to success on the platform
√ Take results up a level with high-level performance coaching
√ Be ready when opportunity knocks
√ Both Face to face and Online training
√ ‘Live’ workshops and events
√ Options to add support and mentoring

3 Ways To Improve Your Performance

Welcome to Exclusive Access as StandOut Members to our Intensive Performance Courses

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30 Day Performance Makeover


THE DIY Fast-Track Performance Buster

Commit to 5 minutes every day for 30 days with our specialist performance coaches, and watch your confidence and results exceed your wildest dreams

Singing Lessons Online

10 week Intensive Members Online


For Singers and instrumentalists wishing to build confidence and get results, Spotlight is the intensive elevation platform you need - where convenience meets quality.

In 10 incredible weeks you will be challenged, inspired and equipped to transform your performance.

Performance Coaching

Add Personalised Mentoring


CHAMPIONS is our ELITE PERSONALISED high level mentored program in music performance for aspiring musicians focused on releasing full potential.

* Entry by audition only - Limit of 20 candidates per term


We’ll show you, step-by-step, how to convert your performance into confidence and excellence on any platform

A massive key to overcoming nerves and getting consistent results is linked to how you prepare and think. With SPOTLIGHT you will become more organised, prepared, relaxed, focused and sparkling. We keep things SIMPLE and stress free so you save SO much time with minimal last minute panic.

Learn to perform with freedom, control and confidence - from body posture to breath control, performance protocol, mindset and style, applied practically with realistic positive challenge to build super confidence

PERFORM Piano and Sing

We have the Ability to Discern your Best Direction Forward then Give you the Skills that Take You There


High Level Coaching

High level coaching that sets you apart as a superior musician and transforms your passion for performance into confidence onstage


Supercharge Results

Identify and remove blockages that prevent you from reaching your confident best and move to high levels with ease

Prepare For Success

Learn cutting edge secrets that double results in half the rime, and give you game changing advantage



Hassle-Free Fast Track Convenience. with learning options that give you easy access to resources, training and support

Nikki, HSC Student Mum

I know I said this after HSC performance but I’d like to say it again! Harri has been super lucky to have you mentoring her over the past few years! Her results were terrific and we were all very happy and proud of her! Love Nikki x



All you need in one place

  • 10 Intensive Performance Modules
  • Graded video lessons
  • Simple Sequential 
  • Step by Step Training
  • Audio backing tracks
  • Downloadable Portfolio Pack 
  • PDF Summaries Downloadable
  • PDFs Lesson templates
  • Progress planning journal
  • Sheet music 
  • Supporting exercises
  • Warm ups 
  • Learning tools
  • Motivational practice plans

Spotlight Activation Training

  • Advanced Performance Mindset Training
  • Practical Activation of Performance Concepts
  • Interactive Online Tutorials
  • STAR Learning Method
  • BONUS Masterclasses and LIVE Workshops
  • Supporting Exercises and Action Steps
  • Professional In-House Accompanist
  • Plus Access to the Support Team

Weekly Groups

  • Weekly group training sessions online
  • Add comprehensive personal mentoring

Two Things To Get Right As A Performer

Music Performance

1 Quality Music Preparation
Accelerate and supercharge results when you combine ‘high quality’ musical gloss and preparation with a spotlight on performance

2 Communication Skills

Learn secrets of performance specialists that will have your audience cheering, while your confidence is so high that you can’t wait to get back onstage to perform again!


Achieve RESULTS You Didn’t Think Possible


The STAR Learning Platform is a comprehensive, game changing learning pathway built to bring out your unique confident best.

Discover more about
  • the Star Learning Platform,
  • the 8 Singing Levels the Calendar of Events
  • and the proven 3 Step Plan

All resources are in one easily accessible place. Take advantage of all of your personalised audio files, all simple to use whenever and wherever you like!

Tools and Resources

Instant access to your own personal portfolio and detailed progress journal. There are resources and references, recordings and videos, templates, checklists and planning sheets, plus templates fo winning presentation plans, resume packages and CV development

Step By Step Intensive

From specialist performance coaching and comprehensive planning, you will unlock secrets of Impact performance. You will learn how to gain rapport and charm audiences, and put together successful presentations in these 10 week training programs. You'll build stamina and discover how to perform under pressure and overcome performance anxiety, with tips on vocal and performance health.

Strategic Events

Take part in workshops, masterclasses, our Champions Online ‘Live’ events, our member’s area, bursting with Introductions and opportunities, inspiration and motivation to help you stay on track!

Superfast Support

We can't wait to help you!  Ask questions and get answers. We might be on stage or in the studio when you call, so please just leave us a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can by SMS, Email or Phone :)

Access to Excellence

StandOut Music Studio brings you quality. Our teachers and music coaches are professional, highly qualified and experienced. With over 30 years of experience, our proven track record speaks for itself. We are so proud of our students, with 90+% A levels in Exams, consistently high level results in HSC, IB, scholarships and tertiary entries, and success in competitions and eisteddfods, and equally as proud of our students who sing and learn music for the pure joy and creativity it brings.


CHAMPIONS is a high level mentored elite training program in music performance for aspiring musicians focused on releasing full performance potential.

We’re motivated by progress, working with musicians committed and excited to excel and learn!

Singing Lessons

Inside CHAMPIONS are the performance tools to help you shine in performance and perform at your highest level

Entry Process

We pour so much time, energy, resources and support into our Champions, so like all higher development programs in education, we have an entry procedure with a friendly audition and interview.


Simple 3 Step Audition Process

Music Lessons

1 Resume and Video

Upload a recent performance of two short contrasting pieces to our secure link.for professional feedback

Learn to play piano online

2 Call Back Interviews

Short-listed applicants attend a short online interview of 15-20 minutes [parents welcome]

Singing Lessons

3 Notification - Start

Successful applicants are invited to to join and START Intensive training, workshops and mentoring!

We Love Your Success Stories…

We are privileged to have changed students’ lives in profound ways

Learn Piano

Meet Emily

Emily is a pianist preparing for outstanding results in her final exams, focused to hurdle every challenge. How can she learn and perform a Beethoven Sonata only one month? Simple. Every aspect of her performance - including the technical skill, how to memorise at speed - dealing with nerves, and show to read and interpret the composer’s code, is covered. Her UNI teachers LOVE her playing, and her parents are beaming with pride ...

Singing Success

Meet Briony

A little girl came to us a few years ago - bright and gifted in music with wonderful supportive parents. We knew she'd be successful, but even we were surprised at the speed at which success came. Fast forward just one year, and she was performing a young Principal role with Opera Australia in the Opera Theatre of the Sydney Opera House. Can you imagine how proud were her parents and friends - as were we her trainers? Her name was listed on the program with soprano Emma Matthews and all the famous singers. Imagine yourself achieving that kind of success!

What is Standing Between You and Success?


StandOut accelerates progress and saves time - even doubles results in half the time when you know our practice secrets


Compared to the cost of resources, travel and the price of individual lessons. this program is SO affordable that it's a no-brainer…


Apply what you learn in your StandOut performance course and you can see results for all ages, styles and levels of experience


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There is a skill to transforming your talent into something
INCREDIBLE on the platform

If you’re a musician or singer seeking success in performance it’s time to make your dreams a reality