Ever wanted to learn to play the Piano, or the Guitar?
Maybe you'd love to play a Brass Instrument in a Band or Orchestra?

At StandOut we bring you top quality piano, brass and guitar lessons. We specialise in unlocking your musical potential, and building skill so you can play with understanding, control and freedom.

We offer lessons online and in person, as well as group and individual lessons for all ages and levels. Some of our students are complete beginners, others are refreshing an old hobby, and others want to take their playing to the next level. Some excel in exams, and others play for pleasure.

Playing the right notes is just the beginning. It’s HOW you play the notes that brings the music alive – and of course, it’s how you practice that brings real results. Whatever your personal goals, playing an instrument enriches musical understanding and knowledge. feeds your brain and soul, and is super FUN! Get started now with an special introductory lesson. You can be playing your first tunes in just days.

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Claudine, Mum

Hi Cheryl, What you do with the girls is wonderful. It's one of the greatest joys to see your children flourishing in something they enjoy doing"

Ms Tauber, School Music Co-ordinator

We are all grateful for your great energy, enthusiasm and direction in leading the kids to a better musical place and instilling the seed to want to grow as musicians”

Piano Lessons


There are many ways that piano is taught and ‘caught’. It’s a kinaesthetic game - the whole body and mind are ‘in play’. This is why we have created a unique blend of teaching styles so that you can have the fullest and fastest learning experience as you learn to play the piano. We combine traditional technical exercises like scales and arpeggio’s with other influences as Suzuki, Kodaly and the Russian School. You will learn chords and structures that give you ‘ah-ha’ moments as you realise how much you’re able to play.

Keeping it simple:  We keep things SIMPLE as you develop the technical skill to play music of all styles. This is where the mechanical meets the creative - just like a piano! You don’t have to slave over hand positions. You can do these immediately using simple movements you do every day without ‘bad’ tension. Same with posture…

You can learn to play piano in Sydney Studios in person, or for super convenience, learn to play piano online. Simple!  We offer piano classes for kids and adults, from beginner piano lessons to advanced levels.
What are you waiting for? Start this incredible adventure today!

Although the results are fantastic, more importantly Serena loves playing the horn and enjoys all her lesson time with you!! Thanks so much again for your wonderful teaching and being such a huge part of Serena’s musical education.

Clementine, Mum


  • French Horn Lessons
  • Trumpet Lessons
  • Euphonium Lessons
  • Trombone Lessons
  • Tuba Lessons

Playing a brass instrument is exhilarating and opens up windows of creativity. You can play in a band or an orchestra, extend your breath and brain power, exercise team and listening skills and have the time of your life with friends.

Results...We have taught BRASS for years. Our proven results speak for themselves. Many of our alumni are now in tertiary education or playing and teaching professionally. When your embouchure and breath are set up correctly, you will have stamina, sound incredible, and fly to the higher levels with confidence and ease.

Our Specialist Brass Teachers are AMAZING. Places are limited, but lessons are INCREDIBLE. What are you waiting for? Start the adventure NOW!

How To Buzz On the Mouthpiece

Phil, Conductor

Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful french horn lessons and the amazing support you provided from the moment Bron began lessons with you. You shepherded him through that most vulnerable of times when he might well have lost motivation. Huge and sincere thanks and congrats to you. He is so exited and positive about his future at the Con.

Guitar Lessons


We’ve all experienced the magic of the guitar. Whether it’s the gentle strumming of a few well-chosen chords in an acoustic performance of Taylor Swift or Bob Dylan, flares of passionate flamenco music in our favourite restaurants, or awe-inspiring solos from Hendrix to Slash, this instrument is all around us.

You can learn to play simple chords in a few short lessons. The guitar is perhaps the easiest and most difficult instrument to play, and that is so much of its charm. Start a journey of joy and exploration as you unlock more of your ability and perform the music you have always dreamed of playing, from classics to flamenco!

All of our students learn to play with a brilliant technique in diverse musical styles. If you're looking for beginner guitar lessons or advanced levels, you're in the right place! You also have the option to learn to play guitar online or in person. Get in touch and start strumming in no time…