Experience the Magic of Guitar

The benefits of learning to play the guitar are endless. Whether it’s the gentle strumming of a few well-chosen chords in an acoustic performance of Taylor Swift or Bob Dylan, flares of passionate flamenco music in our favourite restaurants, or awe-inspiring solos from Hendrix to Slash, this instrument is all around us.

Why Learn to Play the Guitar?

Learning guitar opens windows of knowledge and understanding to chords and harmonies. In a short time, you can be strumming and playing a whole piece with just a few chords. The guitar can be a serious solo classical instrument, or you can play in a band on acoustic or electric guitar once you have the basic skills.

Learning Techniques from the Standout Music StudioLearn to play Guitar

The guitar is perhaps the easiest and most difficult instrument to play, and that is so much of its charm. You can learn to play simple chords in a few short lessons. From there you can start a journey of joy and exploration at StandOut as you unlock more of your ability, and perform the music you have always dreamed of playing.

Learn to play correctly from the start!

Learn to play correctly from the start so you can develop a solid technique, play WELL and sound GREAT. Good habits like correct posture and hand positions, take a little time to become second nature but lead to amazing ease in your playing. There is a skill to finding ease in hand and finger positions and gaining strength through a relaxed but active body posture but totally worth it. Bad habits simply limit what you’ll be able to do as you progress and play more challenging music. This can be frustrating and make you want to give up if things just get too hard.

What size guitar is best?

Young players should start on a guitar that is the best size for their body and fingers, so you can buy half and 3/4 size guitars. It’s worth spending a little more and buying a recognised brand in good condition that will hold value and sound good to encourage you to play and build your confidence. When you outgrow this size, you can then on-sell and buy the next size up. Some music stores give you the option to ‘rent to buy’. This gives you more time to pay for your guitar. We would recommend that you try to find this as an interest-free option if possible.

What will you learn?

Learn to play with Guitar with JoshWhen you work with Joshua, our specialist guitar teacher, you’ll not only learn to play with traditional technical skill - learning exercises and pieces in classic styles, but also have fun learning contemporary music and becoming a versatile guitarist.

It’s fun to play so musically that audiences go WOW!  You will learn how to:

  • finger-pick individual strings
  • pick out melodies
  • play tremolo accompaniments
  • and strum contemporary chords

You’ll ALSO learn how to add vibrato and play with musicianship, plus play in tune and develop your musical ear - your pitch and intonation. You’ll gradually be able to pick up sheet music and read it in both classic and tablature notations.

Ways you can learn to play the guitar at StandOut

  • In Studio guitar lessons
  • Online guitar lessons
  • Individual and small group lessons
  • Beginner guitar lessons
  • All Ages and Styles
  • All Levels from beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • 30-45-60 minsThe guitar is a wonderful first instrument, so beginner guitar lessons are popular, and these days many students love the option to learn to play the guitar online.
Group Lessons

Small groups are a super-effective way to start, and playing in a guitar ensemble can be are FUN, with your teacher right there to check and support you as you get set up. You will learn to do and watch others as you actively play along. It’s also a great place to make friends who love the guitar like you. At Standout group, classes range from 2 to10 players. We recommend you practice what you have learned when you get back home - or the very next day - to really grasp the concepts you’ve learned.

Individual Lessons
learn to play guitar in band

For students preferring full focus, or students at higher levels wishing to progress, get results and learn more advanced techniques, private 1-on-1 lessons are the way to go.

Confidence comes when you’re consistent, so lessons are booked weekly following the school terms. One-off lessons are also available on application.

All Levels - All Ages

From beginner to advanced and professional levels, we can enrich your guitar journey. Beginners often start with 30-minute lessons, and then as you progress higher levels, extend to 45 and 60-minute lessons.

Of course, it’s wonderful to share your gift with friends and family, in a positive nurturing environment. We have the MOST exciting Calendar of Events for the Standout Music Studio, ranging from Workshops, Masterclasses and Mock Exams to the social interaction and support of the StandOut Community at Sing For Your Supper, or Showcase Concerts and Soirees.


Welcome to this nurturing, encouraging and inspirational musical community. We meet weekly to find ways we can make your learning experience even more outstanding. All of our students have access too to the Studio portal, calendar, resources [backings, sheet music, masterclasses, lesson notes and updates], with the option to message us directly for support.

Lessons start from just $25 per 30-minute group lesson, both online and in the studio.

Get in touch and start strumming in no time…